Our Mission

Random Acts of Flowers improves the emotional health and well-being of individuals in health care facilities by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement and personal moments of kindness.

We all benefit when we’re kind and compassionate. The community becomes stronger and people thrive. That’s why we deliver thousands of beautiful bouquets of recycled flowers to those struggling with injury, illness and the aging process every week in neighborhoods all over the country. Learn more about how it works.

Our vision as a flower charity is to inspire and nurture a culture of care and compassion. We do that through our core values:


Smiles are contagious. We find a little fun in everything we do.


Passion drives purpose. We know the impact of our mission is determined by the enthusiasm of our people.


The meeting of responsibilities, relationships and results. We honor our commitments and take ownership of our actions.


Exceeding expectations is the expectation. We take pride in our high standards and strive for continuous improvement.

As a nonprofit, our only source of income is YOU. Whether you’re making a financial donation, becoming a corporate partner or volunteering, you’re contributing to the culture of care and compassion.
“We made a difference to a lot of people; not just to the ones we delivered to but, I believe, to us as well. That is an experience I will always cherish.”
– Mark M., Volunteer, Knoxville, TN