Let Larsen Jay’s Story Inspire You

Need a dynamic speaker to highlight how you can make a difference in your community or organization?

Larsen Jay’s story shows how tragedy can become an opportunity as he shares how he turned a life-changing accident into a thriving nonprofit making a difference in the lives of people across the country, every day. This inspiring experience, told straight from the man who lived it, is a great addition to corporate events, conferences, and business retreats.

“I changed my focus from success to significance.”

In July 2007, Random Acts of Flowers’ founder, Larsen Jay, was in a near-fatal accident. He credits the outpouring of support he received in the form of daily visitors and dozens of floral arrangements while in the hospital as a key to providing the emotional lift and encouragement that helped him persevere through the multiple surgeries and challenging recovery process he faced.

When Larsen was capable of leaving his room, he noticed how many of his fellow patients did not have visitors or flowers – the very things that helped him so much in those early and difficult days. The first “Random Act of Flowers” delivery was made moments later as Larsen re-purposed his flowers and delivered them from his wheelchair. The memories of how a simple gesture touched his fellow patients compelled Larsen to form Random Acts of Flowers in 2008.

Notable Speaking Engagements

As well as numerous Rotary Clubs, Sertoma Clubs, Church Groups, and Garden Clubs around the country.