Give Me My Flowers While I Yet Live

By Janine Lattimore

I am a member of the Classy Living Society, which is a national women’s community service organization.  This past weekend I, along with several other members and CLS Founder LaShanda Pitts, went to Tampa, Florida to sisterhood bond with Tampa members.  As part of the MLK Weekend of Giving, we went on a community service mission to Random Acts of Flowers, located in Dunedin, Florida.

I love flowers, don’t you?  The soft feel of the petals, the different hues, fragrances, shapes, and sizes – ahh-mazing! It is said that flowers have healing powers, and I suppose that’s the reason why they are the No. 1 well-received gift at hospitals.  I’d like to believe that, by our surprise gift of flowers, we provided a bit of healing to someone that day.  I’d like to believe that, if we were the only outside visitor someone received in days, that our visit provided an emotional and mental boost.  I’d like to think that some cute little old lady pressed one of the flowers between the pages of her Bible, so that each time she looks at it, it reminds her of the lovely ladies of CLS who visited her one day.

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