Flowers Afters Hours Flourishes at RAF Chicago

Flowers Afters Hours Flourishes at RAF Chicago After seeing much success in fellow RAF branches, RAF Chicago has offered more regular after-hours floral arranging events, which we call Flowers After Hours. These public events are modeled after BYOB paint classes and geared to provide a fun, unique, and meaningful opportunity for community members who may [...]

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360° of Thanks

360° of Thanks Sheryl Proctor-Bloom started volunteering in September of 2017, not too long after she retired. She had seen a newspaper article about the branch’s launch and know “this was the spot for me!” Sheryl calls RAF’s mission a “360 degree concept of gratitude. Not only are we brightening the lives of those in hospitals and nursing [...]

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Last Day – Help Us Win $10,000

This is the last day to vote! Your vote could help us win $10,000 from KIND Snacks. This much-needed funding will allow us to expand our deliveries to San Francisco hospitals. There are four ways to vote: Commit to perform an act of kindness (one vote), then send an email to a friend (two votes), [...]

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