From “I do” to “I donate.”

(, 9.22.2017)

Even the most carefully planned wedding is subject to things going wrong. Take for example, Justin Murphy and Katherine McKoy, who had been planning the perfect destination wedding for months. Justin and Katherine knew they wanted a beachside ceremony on the sandy shores of Clearwater Beach, but Hurricane Irma threw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Just as the pair was all set to say their “I dos” in front of 150 invited guests on Saturday, September 9, Hurricane Irma was barreling its way towards the Florida coastline, ravaging homes, businesses, and crops in its destructive path.

Although the couple couldn’t plan for something as unexpected as a severe storm, they were prepared for it, with Justin alerting family members and friends on Wednesday, September 6, that the wedding was canceled for safety reasons. But the storm didn’t stop the two from tying the knot altogether. Unfortunately, they just had to do it without all the fancy decorations and attire. Of course, it also meant they wouldn’t have the picturesque backdrop of the sun, sand, and water to frame their nuptials as well.

The couple made things official at the Pinellas County Courthouse on Thursday, September 7. However, there was just one tiny little hiccup: the wedding flowers. What would they do with nearly $2,000 worth of gorgeous bouquets?

They decided not to let the flowers go to waste by finding a good home for them at nonprofit organization, Random Acts of Flowers (RAF). The charitable group obtains recycled and unused flowers, delivering them on a weekly basis to various places in the community like nursing homes and hospitals. It’s RAF’s belief that the sight of beautiful blooms and pretty petals may help to lift the spirits of the elderly, sick, and injured.

by Michelle Darrisaw