This is so Awesomely Random

(Donations by the Dozen, 3.9.17)

In 2017 The Grace Initiative started a new project – “We invite you to join us and explore this exciting new initiative for 2017: Donations by the Dozen. The Grace Initiative Foundation Tree wants to put some #GraceInIt by donating $12 per day to a different nonprofit for each day of 2017. We hope to see this unfold into a wonderful conversation, new friends and partners, and potential inspiration for all as we take this journey.” And, Random Acts of Flowers was lucky enough to be their Day 68!

“My friend Katie and I co-conspire for small and large Random Acts of Kindness. I’ve been sitting on this great organization called Random Act of Flowers for a while, because I thought it would be so cute for Mother’s Day. Then I thought”wait, it’s supposed to be random.”