Mission Related Organizations

Delivering Kindness

Random Acts of Flowers is continuing to grow across the nation, but maybe we’re not in your city yet.  RAF would like to recognize the following mission-related organizations that are helping positively impact their community with recycled flowers.  If you are interested in making a difference in the world and like our charitable mission, we encourage you to connect with one of the following organizations and support them in any way you can. Together, we will all help deliver more kindness, compassion, smiles and flowers!

Are you a charitable organization with a similar mission?  Please contact us and tell us more about your organization at Contact@RandomActsofFlowers.org

BigHearted Blooms
Cleveland, OH

Bloom Again Bklyn
Brooklyn, NY

Bluebirds & Blooms
Minneapolis, MN

Blooms that Brighten
Williamsburg, VA

Bouquets of Kindness
Jacksonville, FL

Charlie the Merchant
Kalamazoo, MI

Floral Angels
London, United Kingdom

Floral Philanthropy
Winnipeg, Canada

Quebec Canada

serving Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX

Flower Angels USA
West Dennis, MA

Flowers of Comfort
Santa Clara County, CA

Forget Me Knot Flowers
Haddonfield, NJ

The Full Bloom
Couer d’Alene, ID

The Happy Flowers Project
Philadelphia, PA

Healing with Flowers
Greeneville, TN

Juniper Events
Orlando, FL

Alabama & Tennessee

Petal Share
Washington DC

Petals with A Purpose
Chapel Hill, NC

Petals with Purpose
West Palm Beach, FL

Rebloom Flowers
Cincinnati, OH

Reflower Project
Weymouth, MA

Unexpected Blooms
Kansas City, KS

Vermont Recycles Flowers
South Burlington, VT