Health Care Partners

Random Acts of Flowers spreads compassion and care through deliveries of recycled flowers. We deliver personal moments of joy through our partnerships with health care facilities, from hospitals to assisted living, nursing homes, memory care facilities and hospices.

Our health care partners welcome our volunteers to make floral deliveries every month to their patients. We look forward to growing our program to include every major hospital in our community.

The Healing Power of Flowers

Random Acts of Flowers’ mission is to bring moments of kindness in the form of a beautiful floral bouquet. Our recipients’ joy is enough to justify our work, but these deliveries have also been clinically proven to have a positive effect on health and well-being.

A study conducted in early 2016 by the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine confirms the positive impact that deliveries from Random Acts of Flowers have on the emotional wellness of medical patients.

  • Almost 95% of respondents self-reported that the unexpected delivery from Random Acts of Flowers improved their overall emotional wellness, with 73.5% reporting “extreme improvement.”
  • 81.1% of respondents reported they had not received other gifts of flowers outside of the Random Acts of Flowers delivery.
  • 11.3% of the sample said our volunteers were the only visitors they had during their hospital stay.
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