Volunteer Survey 2018

Thank you for being a Random Acts of Flowers volunteer! Please submit the following survey to give us feedback on how we're doing. The branch with the highest volunteer participation will receive a pizza party courtesy of RAF National!
  • Please check all that apply.
  • Very ImportantImportantNeutralNot ImportantNot Important at All / Not a Factor
    It fulfills my moral principles
    I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference
    I wanted to improve my resume and skills
    I wanted to occupy my free time
    I wanted to expand my social network
    I have a personal experience with a loved one in a healthcare facility
    I have background in floral arranging.
  • Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
    The workshop is stocked with items needed to complete my volunteer work.
    The workshop is organized and well maintained.
    I am satisfied with the weekly volunteer schedule.
    My volunteer activities give me a sense of accomplishment.
    Volunteering at RAF has helped me develop new skills.
    Participating in floral deliveries is important to me.
    I understand how my work impacts RAF's mission to bring joy and comfort to the community.
    I would recommend RAF to others as a place to volunteer.
    I plan to continue volunteering at RAF.
  • Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
    I feel the staff exemplifies the RAF core values (Fun, Passion, Accountability, and Excellence).
    I feel the staff has adequate training and experience to handle any issues that arise.
    The staff makes an effort to make me feel valued.
    I have the support and guidance I need to accomplish my volunteer activities.
    I am satisfied with the amount of communication between the staff and volunteers.